In 1991, the first 'NIKO' company was registered. In this very year the company gets to know Mitsubishi Motors Corporation - 'NIKO' supplies to Ukraine the first lot of cars Mitsubishi L-300. In 1993, after long negotiations 'NIKO' Company receives a status of the official dealer of Mitsubishi Motors in Ukraine and begins construction of 3 dealer center actively developing corporate sales.


In 1994, the first conceptual dealer center of Mitsubishi Motors in Kyiv was opened and 'NIKO-PR' TV and Radio Company was established. 'NIKO' Company is actively developing, drastically increasing its sales each year, and in 1998 becomes the official distributor of Mitsubishi Motors in Ukraine. Ever since, the company has enjoyed ongoing growth.


In 2003, 'NIKO' starts implementing vertical integration and business diversification strategy, at the same time strengthening its positions in the automotive market of Ukraine. Company 'Trade house - NIKO' Ltd. receives the status of the official importer of Mitsubishi Motors in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. In this very year the company receives an honorable title 'Importer No.1' based on sales results keeping this title for five consecutive years.


IIn 2006, we made a strategic decision regarding the further development of the automobile infrastructure of the NIKO group and the dealership network of various brands. The implementation of the strategy began with the determination of geographical locations and automotive brands we intended to work with!

During this period we were also actively developing the following businesses:

At this period, another strategic decision was made to create a management company to develop strategies, set goals and objectives for companies in each direction, evaluate the results of their activities, control the management teams, define KPIs, and perform other tasks assigned by the NIKO Group shareholders. It was the Company "Niko Management" that was founded in 2006.


New Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Nissan, Citroen, Infiniti, Mazda and Audi dealerships were opened in different regions of Ukraine under Group's own dealer network.


'NIKO' Group of Companies opened the doors of NIKO Automobile Megapolis, an automobile complex located at Boryspil highway, 4 km away from Boryspil International Airport. The complex consists of conceptual Mitsubishi, Ford, Citroen, Renault, Mazda and Suzuki dealerships, the largest car body repair complex or facilities in Ukraine, trade-in areas and the entire infrastructure required for sale and service of vehicles.


New Fiat, KTM and Yamaha dealerships were opened under Group's own dealership network.


New Fiat dealership was opened in Zaporizhzhia in Group's own dealer network.


Creation of the agro-industrial company 'NIKO Agro Holding'.


New Mazda, Suzuki dealerships were opened in Zaporizhzhia in Group's own dealer network.


New Opel dealership was opened in NIKO Automobile Megapolis.


New MG Motor dealership was opened in NIKO Automobile Megapolis.


New Changan dealership was opened in NIKO Automobile Megapolis.

For more than 33 years 'NIKO' Group of Companies has accumulated extensive experience with various car brands. To date, 'NIKO' automotive dealership represents 13 car brands.