The new insurance partner NIKO Group of Companies is company NIKO Insurance

Новый страховой партнёр дилерской сети «НИКО» -  компания «НИКО Страхование»
NIKO Group of Companies represents  new strategic partner - the company "NIKO Insurance". Long-term experience of cooperation of the dealer centers with the insurance companies and work with clients has caused occurrence of the strategic insurance partner.

Based on the client's needs and expectations from the insurance company, we outlined the key advantages of working with NIKO Insurance: - Insurance consultants are located in each dealer center of the automotive dealer network "NIKO" and provide advice on all types of insurance - direct settlement of insurance cases through the dealer centers "NIKO" allows clients to avoid approvals with the insurance company - this is the responsibility of the dealer's employees - making out the policy of CASCO in the company "NIKO Insurance", customers have the opportunity to service their car in the dealer network "NIKO" with the maximum discounts under the loyalty program throughout the term of the policy - the company "NIKO Insurance" offers various insurance packages, the possibility of a phased payment, as well as round the clock information support  

The company "NIKO Insurance" is a part of the "NIKO" Group of Companies, that is why we guarantee an individual approach, quality and promptness of services at the stage of car purchase, insurance, and its further maintenance. "NIKO Insurance" has a stable, diversified insurance portfolio and is actively strengthening its positions in the insurance market of Ukraine. The company is a member of the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine. More information about insurance programs can be found on the company's website