Contactless donations

Бесконтактные пожертвования
Today 2 of 21 cinemas of Multiplex have been equipped with NFC Donation Box. We have successfully installed and launched our brand new NFC Donation Box in Multiplex cinema areas in “Sky Mall” and “Prospect” shopping centers of Kyiv.

From now on all visitors could donate small amount of 50 UAH using our NFC Donation Box. All donations are collected by Krona charity and will be spent on cancer ill children treatment. Krona Charitable foundation is a new partner of Agency21 on Ukrainian market. More than 10 000 of children and 30 hospitals received help and medication from Krona charity.

Mutiplex is a leader on Ukrainian cinema market with more than 30% of market share. More than 9 mln or customers have attended Multiplex cinemas in 2017. With the bounds of 2018 we will install 6 more NFC Donation Boxes in Ukraine.